Collaborating with Jesus so we develop an authentic godshaped life

A lot of what is offered here is related to Spiritual Practices that help us grow.

“Practice” means the repeated performance of a task or action regularly over time.

A spiritual practice is exactly what the word suggests, a way to be deliberate about matters of the soul.

Spiritual practices - and there are heaps of them – are tools for becoming aware of God within our daily life; they bring out the sacred in experiences that could otherwise seem just everyday. Down through the centuries the way of Jesus has been understood to require deliberate and attentive spiritual practices.

Orienting our energies toward God and one another can help counter apathy and despair as we create space for God. In applying spiritual practices, we find that the lines can be blurred between things spiritual and secular: gratitude can happen when we’re mowing the lawn, worship and grocery shopping are compatible, and we can connect with God on the busride home.

Acknowledgement: some of these pdfs date back to my time at Eastview Baptist Church 

Spiritual Practice pdfs

The library also contains pdf resouces for prayer and preaching